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Mestre Baratino

Just as in capoeira, Baratino has his roots in Salvador Bahia, a mystical city where positive energy is an everyday part of life. His routine is devoted to the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, which has become his life's credo.

Mestre Baratino

He is a charismatic man, full of life, whose feelings, experiences, happiness and enormous energy shows in his dance routines, creating choreographies, capoeira, music and games in the roda. He has used his professional experience in Japan, France and Spain where he has represented Brazilian culture proudly for many years...

Here in Prague, you can visit him at his dance classes ‘Fit - Brasil’ or, more interestingly; his trainings of a martial character - capoeira. All training courses presented on this website are lead by Carlos himself, from the teaching of children to helping monitor his Grupo Mandela.

Mestre Baratino

Carlos Augusto Vasconcelos was born in Salvador Bahia Capoeira. He has been devoted to capoeira for 30 years. He is a student of maestra Virgilha (Espinho Remos), whose professor was Lazaro Santiago (Lazinho). During his many years of devotion to capoeira, he has met many maestros from Bahia, which have influenced him positively. Above all, his greatest inspirations have been Maestro Paulo dos Anjos, Caicara Well, Waldemar da Liberdade, Curio, Joao Grande, Joao Pequeno, etc.
In Brazil, he initiated the Cultural and Social Centre Raca Negra do Brasil, Capoeira Baratino's Dance Group and Grupo de Capoeira Mandela. Their main goal is to extend the afro-Brazilian culture through cultural manifestations, where the main element is capoeira.


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